Jason + Jenna // Adorable Waterton Wedding

As a photographer and a student athlete I found it hard to start my business and make it grow. Instead of taking everything head on and trying to book my very own weddings, ive decided to take a step back and gnaw on this new business owner thing in smaller chunks. I was privileged to meet Rebecca Orr, who has allowed me to take part in some of her weddings this year. Needless to say, it was an amazing experience to work with her. I have learned so much and have been able to ask questions and get answers right on the spot.

This couple was so organized on their wedding day! They knew what was next, how to get there, what was involved and what to do. This made it extremely stress free to be part of the BIG DAY! Jason + Jenna! You two are amazing and your daughter is adorable! This mountainy location, Waterton, holds a place in my heart because of the beauty of the mountains paired with the movement of the lake and the serene surroundings of farmland and fields. CHEERS TO THESE TWO LOVE BIRDS AND THEIR CUTE LITTLE FAMILY!!

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