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Coleman + Sara // Suprise Proposal

A romantic bike in the park ending with a surprise proposal, gorgeous roses and a hand written love letter? I thought that sort of stuff was only seen in the movies.

Elisa + Drayton // Banff Mountain Engagement

What a gorgeous location! If you have not been to Banff, GOOO!!! They drove 6+ hours for this shoot and it was totally worth it!

Mike + Emily // Calgary Engagement

Talk about a happy couple! These two are so sweet and literally made my day! Didn’t even mind going a bit over the budgeted time. If you have been graced to know these guys, count yourself lucky!…

Sean + Erin // Edmonton Engagement

Now these two have the sweetest relationship I have ever seen! We picked the perfect day and the perfect time because, even though it’s march and it’s basically spring time, it’s still been pretty cold here in Edmonton. The weather and lighting was amazing!…

Sean + Rae // Edmonton Engagement

Rae and Sean were so fun to take photos of because not only are they adorable but they were super easygoing and relaxed. Even after we had to cancel and reschedule because of the extreme cold weather here in Edmonton, it still was surprisingly cold on our alternative date (Thanks Canada)…


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