• Coleman + Sara // Surprise Proposal

    A romantic bike in the park ending with a surprise proposal, gorgeous roses and a hand written love letter? I thought that sort of stuff was only seen in the movies. But as me and my sister hid in the tall but extremely prickly grass, we watched this as it unraveled. Coleman and Sara are truly in love and seeing the raw emotion between them on the top of this river cliff could make anyone cry!

  • Drayton + Elisa

    Talk about the perfect couple! These two drove a total of 7+ hours just for photos in Banff. Went barefoot on sharp rocks. Stood in freezing cold water and just were all out adorable! I love couples like Drayton + Elisa; down to earth, adventurous and care free. Plus Elisa is literally the most kindhearted human ive ever came across. Congrats on the engagement. Love you two!!!

  • Mike + Emily

    Talk about a happy couple! These two are so sweet and literally made my day! Didn’t even mind going a bit over the budgeted time. If you have been graced to know these guys, count yourself lucky! It’s amazing to be a photographer for many reasons but one of my favorite reasons is being able to meet new people. And I would’ve never known that Emily is also my cousins basketball coach and knows pretty much all 20 of my friends. And has probably the cutest SMILE EVER!! HOLLYYY!

  • Sean + Erin

    Now these two have the sweetest relationship I have ever seen! We picked the perfect day and the perfect time because, even though it’s march and it’s basically spring time, it’s still been pretty cold here in Edmonton. The weather and lighting was amazing! And Sean and Erin hardly needed any tips or instructions. Seriously, look how much fun their having! It literally felt like I was just tagging along on a super fun date. THIRD WHEEL!!

  • Sean + Rae // Chilly Edmonton Engagement

    Rae and Sean were so fun to take photos of because not only are they adorable but they were super easygoing and relaxed. Even after we had to cancel and reschedule because of the extreme cold weather here in Edmonton, it still was surprisingly cold on our alternative date (Thanks Canada). BUT, thanks to Rae and her heated rice socks at least our hands were warm!!! Most of my clients have never had experience posing or modeling for photos but most of my clients are in love. This means that their emotions are raw and vulnerable. It is my goal as a photographer to personalize every shoot towards the couple…

  • Zach + Cassie Engagement

    The Time has come!!!! MY COUSIN GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!! WOOHHOOOOOO!! I Cannot wait to go to their wedding and see them get married. Long story short! Me and Zach were good friends back in high school and played basketball and volleyball for the same school team. We were in the same church class and we often hungout. Cassie went on a mission, came back, met Zach, Now they are engaged. Should’ve introduced them earlier I guess!

  • Karly + Cole Couple Session

    Looks  a little chilly, Am I right!!! …But this adorable killed this mini session! Karly and Cole would fool ya but they are not engaged! bummer eh. SO CUTE!!! AHHHHH Iv’e been really enjoying couples mini sessions because I find that it is just enough time to get some quality photos, to meet and connect with the couple and it is also extremely convenient and not to mention, WAY cheaper then a regular session (+ in the winter who really wants to be outside for and hour and a half anyways!) SO glad to be on a break from school and volleyball so I can get back out there and…

  • The Open Trunk Workshop

    What a wonderful first workshop! I got in two days before it started and could not have been more blessed to be involved in something so great! I learned so much about the wedding industry and met so many different vendors from florists, to wedding planners. Ashia and Jean-Philippe were stunning models and props to Jean for doing so amazing at his first ever stand in modeling gig! (the original model couldn’t come so one of the girls offered her bf to model!) talk about a champ! ANYWHO, scroll on through to see more from the workshop! and thanks to everyone who made this happen!

  • Seth & Payton

    Talk about a goofy couple!!! Seth a Payton were a dream to work with. Despite the wind and the signs that read something like “trespassing”, “Private property”, …or whatever, this shoot was SO FUN! Could not stop laughing and smiling at how cute these two were. Oh and we even encountered photo bombers who had no intent of moving or even recognizing that there was a session going on and stood right behind Seth and Payton for a solid 5 minutes. ENJOYYYYY