My 10% donation? i bet your...

Wondering why?

There are so many people today that are affected in some way by mental health. Some are experiencing mental illness firsthand and others have family and close friends that are struggling with it. Odds are, in some way or another you have been affected.

Growing up I have been fortunate to stand alongside my mother as she battled with mental health. As I stood there with her, it was easy to become passionate about this topic. My mother has taught me many things about life and also has taught me so much about mental health. It is extremely important to speak up about this issue to let people know they are not alone.

As a student athlete in the Alberta Collages Athletic Conference (ACAC) in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) I have been a part of a mental health movement called Make Some Noise for Mental Health. This is a movement that has began to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health

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“As a business owner I will be donating 10% of all my personal sales to mental health organizations and initiatives in Alberta in hopes of making a difference.”

~ Kaleigh Fisk

What else?

Starting January 20th, every wedding, family session, engagement and adventure session booked with Kaleigh Fisk Photography will help go towards giving people the mental health they deserve.

I also have the privelage of being an RBC & ACAC student athlete Ambassador for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and will be working closely with my team this year to engage with our community while providing some much needed funding to support our fellow students.

Thank-you so much to all my future clients who help make this happen. I believe that even the smallest contribution made towards mental health will make a difference and support people who have and will encounter mental illness. I believe I can make a difference with your help.

"Make Some Noise for Mental Health": What is it?

Created and implemented in 2015 by the SAIT Trojans Outreach Program, Make Some Noise for Mental Health has grown into an ACAC conference-wide awareness campaign to break stigmas around mental health. By involving student-athletes, Make Some Noise for Mental Health is intended to encourage empathy, understanding and open mindedness while promoting resources and support available on campuses and in their communities

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