Hello There!...

SO you want to know a little bit more about me??


My name is Kaleigh Fisk and I am a single 22 year old photographer! The thing is, I don’t just snap a photo and call it a day. I want to create and experience for you. An experience that is tailored to you. You are the boss here. I want to get to know you. get to love you and help you help me create photos you will absolutely love whether its your wedding day, your families photos or your engagement photos. I hope we are the right fit and I assure you that if we are, were literally going to have the best time ever.

Now some back story; Following my two years of education in Marketing through SAIT in Calgary I received a diploma and went to NAIT for a semester of Photographic Technology in Edmonton. It was so fun and I met so many wonderful people but I decided to switch tracks and am in my last year of becoming a certified Medical Radiologic Technologist.

(I know I know, thats the boring stuff… just a tiny bit more)


I am pretty friendly and dont bite too hard! haha but on a more real note, I LOVE the outdoors and adventuring. Lets go to the top of the hill, climb that mountain, or jump in that glacier fed lake. I like to get a little weird, a little goofy and you better believe that i’m going to be asking you to do some pretty silly things. Yeah its awkward but YEAH its cauteee!

 I want to create a story, a memory, an adventure that you want to remember.

 I look forward to hearing from you!!!