Hello There!...

SO you want to know a little bit more about me??
SURPRISE!!! Were you really expecting a nicely written cliche paragraph on who I am?  …cause i’m all for a bullet point list and as little reading as possible – so to be quick…
  • I love pictures, obviously.
  • I am was a varisty athlete for my 5 years of college (marketing diploma, MRI, and a bunch of Photography and digital design courses)
  • I am always outside exploring
  • I have a hard time not smiling
  • Ive been shooting for 5 years
  • Editing and creating will never get old for me
  • I cannot sit still and have fell asleep 5 minutes into every book I have tried reading
  • Hopefully one day I will have 14 kids, because they are just my favourite thing ever
  • I get so excited meeting new people and cannot wait to meet my future clients 
  • 23 years old
  • Born and raised Calgarian
  • I hate bacon 
  • …but I love smoothies
and just because I also hate writing i’ll keep er short!
One Last Thing

I promise that I will give you my greatest and most sincere effort during our session! I promise to be as helpful as I can be and to show up with a huge smile on my face. This session is about you and I want to provide you with the best service I can offer. I promise to only supply high quality images and to tailor my skills to suit you the best. and I promise to most importantly HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

But HEY! Cant wait to meet ya. Head on over to “book a session now” page to book with me.